DEC Advises Backcountry Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders, and Others of Avalanche Risk in Adirondack High Peaks Region

Backcountry downhill skiers, snowboarders, and others who may traverse slides and other steep open terrain in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks must be aware of the risk of avalanche, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos advised today.

DEC reminds backcountry winter recreationists to take the following precautions when traveling in avalanche-prone terrain:

  • Cross-country skiers and snowshoers should stay on trails and avoid steep slopes on summits;
  • Know the terrain, weather, and snow conditions;
  • Dig multiple snow pits to conduct stability tests – do not rely on other people’s data;
  • Practice safe route-finding and safe travel techniques;
  • Never ski, board, or climb with someone above or below you – only one person on the slope at a time;
  • Ski and ride near trees – not in the center of slides or other open areas;
  • Always carry a shovel, probes, and a transceiver with fresh batteries;
  • Ensure all members of the group know avalanche rescue techniques;
  • Never travel alone; and…
  • Notify someone about where you are going.

Additional information on avalanche danger, preparedness, and safety precautions is available on the DEC web site.

Thanks to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for these news reports. Visit their website here